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You can view audit log of WP ERP from

WP Dashboard → ERP Settings → Audit Log

This page keeps a record of all the major activities of your ERP system in a linear or chronological method. The Audit Log is an extremely important to track the changes in your system if something goes down. For security concerns, this page is viewable only by Admins.

The Audit Log

The log contains information about all the modules, sections, activity, user and time. This shows a detailed list of log that is very helpful to the admin of an ERP system.

Filtering the Log

Currently you can filter the logs with combination of these factors-

  1. Modules
  2. Sections
  3. Duration

This makes things easier for you as you can identify any changes made in the ERP system effectively.

Audit log: Filter by Modules

Filter by Sections

Filter by Time

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