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WP ERP has built-in handy tools to confgiure your Admin Menu and Menu bar. You can also import your HRM and CRM data into CSV form and export if necessary. You can also test the email communication system of WP ERP by sending a test email.

To use the tools, just navigate to – WP Dashboard → ERP Settings → Tools

You will find 4 (four) tabs available for your use.

General Tab

Sometimes it is easy to feel lost because of lots of menus in the WP dashboard. So we have implemented a tool to hide all those menus that you might not need everyday.

Just check the boxes and hit save changes, all gone with just a single click.

If you ever need those menus back, then you can just un-check the boxes and save again to bring them back.

Import tab

Importing CSV

You can import Contacts, Company, Employee or even Product (for inventory) from *.csv files into the CRM system. Fill out the rest of the form and press the Import button.

Import Users into CRM

You can also import existing users from the WordPress database or even from ERP users into the CRM system. Just select the user type, contact owner and a contact group if there will be any.


Export or backup your HRM and CRM contacts with the ability to select specific fields from the form.

Type: Choose the type of users you want to import. Say, choosing contacts will select all of your CRM contacts regardless of contact groups. Similarly choosing companies will only export companies, but not the contacts assigned with it.

Misc. Tab

From this tab, you can send test emails. Just type the email address of receiver and Message. Now click on the Send Email button and a test email will send to the email address you have written.

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