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This documentation illustrates the process of configuring WP ERP core module settings. ERP Settings menu is available at:
WP Dashboard → ERP Settings

There are six (6) sub-menu items available for you and they can control all the dependent modules of the ERP system.

  1. Company: Configures your company details and other relevant information.
  2. Tools: Helps you to set up your website and ERP system with some handy built-in tools.
  3. Audit Log: Contains logs related to every activity that has been done using WP ERP. It also has filtering options.
  4. Settings: Lets you configure your WP ERP system.
  5. Modules: Has the capability of turning modules on and off.
  6. Add-ons: Contains details on WP ERP add-ons.

Please click on the left sub-menu items to view details about these sections.

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