• Monday, June 8, 2015

We have been preparing some major structural changes by virtue of providing a service of the highest quality, which is certainly what defines us. As we keep pushing this frontier, we will be conducting several updates to our network, making a passive migration.

What does that mean in this context?, it is quite simple, is massive as all the infrastructure will be migrated, and passive as it will only take an hour and will not require changes to on your side.

This new infrastructure will provide much more performance to your site, based entirely on SSDs, Intel last E5, protection against DDoS attacks, improved connectivity, a stronger firewall, more RAM (and more RAM for each shared account, too) and much, much more.

We will be sending three announcements in the coming days.

  1. The first will include the new IP information and the official calendar for the next few days, the process will take place during this week, in the period of an hour.
  2. The second file contains information immediately the process is started.
  3. And the latest announcement will be when the procedure is complete.

Your information is completely safe with us, we have taken extreme security measures to ensure the integrity of your information.