Several servers migrated

We have been preparing some major structural changes by virtue of providing a service of the highest quality, which is certainly what defines us. As we keep pushing this frontier, we will be conducting several updates to our network, making a passive migration. What does that mean in this context?, it is quite simple, is massive as all the ...

New off-site backup location (Montreal, CA)

We are very pleased to announce the addition of a new off-site backup network, dedicated to replicate the content of our clouds based on New Jersey and Chicago. This brings a new layer of protection to your data (an additional layer of backups) in the case of any emergency that could occur. These servers are located in Montreal, Canada, with 1Gbps ...

General System Ugrade

Hello,We will be performing general security and performance ugrades in our systems during this week, this might reflect on potential high loads of the server (where your account is hosted on) and general performance issues related to speed, only during the week, since we are on SAN setup, the disk space within the nodes may vary causing the ...

Email Addresses with

Outlook Altough cPanel offers a mid-ranged amount of mail clients to send, receive, redirect and store emails, standard services such as Google (Gmail) or Microsoft (Outlook) are still the best email handlers available in the market, their spamming filters are excellent and have a great coverage and acceptance. This tutorial is made for those who ...

Backup System Temporary Disabled - S2

The S2 shared hosting server currently has its backup policy disabled while we work to resolve a temporary issue with the backup software.  We expect the full backup policy to return on Sunday, April 7th. This period is expected to last for the date range April 3rd - April 7th. Please remember that we always recommend for you to take your own ...

LiveChat Inc Maintenance Tasks

Currently Online support / sales is offline due maintenance tasks on Livechat servers (23/01/2011 ~ UTC -5) , we expect to be online in a few hours. Ticket system remains active.


R1Soft CDP

Now R1Soft is back active.

And additionally we installed several Backup nodes, with Monthly, Weekly, Daily and also Backups every 3 hours! this will guarantee that all the information is up to date, this option is now available in cPanel.


Maintenance on Livechat system

During the day 11/01/2011 (all day), we will be performing maintenance tasks on Livechat service, during this time, the service will be unreachable. Please open a support ticket if you have any concern.

New R1Soft CDP Node successfully installed and running

R1Soft CDP has been successfully installed on Server5, right now is running Backups to a remote off-site Server and has been scheduled to do its job everyday. We hope this tool is useful for you, and your unvaluable data.

Best regards.

Emergency Raid Maintenance Amyntor

Raid of the server Amyntor returning couple of errors. We need to hot swap the drives and upgrade the firmware. We have scheduled the process within 1PM - 6PM CST today. No more than 45 minutes of downtime is expected for the maintenance. We will update the thread once the process is started. Thanks for your patience. Update 1: The process ...